Khustain Nuruu National Park

Khustai National Park is located 95 km of Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia. The total area is 50000 hectares. HNP has unique landscape that features mountain steppe and steppe, also, there are sand dunes representing Gobi of Mongolia and river wetlands. In HNP, there are about 46 species of mammals including red deer, roe deer, wild bear, white- tailed gazelle, gray bear, gray wolf, Eurasian Lynx, red fox, steppe fox, Eurasian badger, manual cat and polecat. Besides, there are also 148 species of birds such as demoiselle crane, cinereous vulture, black stork, great bustard and greet spotted woodpecker.

The Khustai National park in Mongolia is world famous for the successful reintroduction of the Przewalski horse. Khustai is the place not for only wildlife. In the past it has been protected as it was a holy place for local people. The area around the park is rich with archaeological and cultural sites.

Region: Central Mongolia
Interesting sites: wild horses, Neolitic graves, grave stones and a ruin
Available: March 20 - September 30
Length of tour: 2 days / 1 nights
Distance: 200km

There are also great opportunities here for walking and hiking.
See Takhi /Przewalski horse/
Horse riding
Picnic Lunch
Walking and hiking / as you wish /

(Depart  at 9:00am from LG hostel)

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