Journey to Mandal

On this Nomadic Adventure you will explore the wonders of the nomadic culture by horse cart, ox cart and participate in traditional nomadic lifestyle, giving travelers a rare perspective of the nomadic environs. If you do this tour you will know Mongolian nomadic lifestyle such as:

  • Producing dairy products.
  • Milking cow, mare and ewe.
  • Break in a horse.
  • Catch a horse with a long rod ...etc.
  • Horse ridding.
  • Live at Mongolian Ger. Taste Mongolian milk vodka, fermented milk of mare’s name is “Airag” and dairy products such as butter, cheese yoghurt etc... by traditional method. Stay in Mongolian ger and try Mongolian foods.

Duration: 2 days / 1 night

Stay in Mongolian ger
Horse ridding for 2 hours
If you want try to milking cow and mare
Three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Departing from UB to Mandal by train at 10: 25 in the morning. It will take about 2 hours 30 minutes. When you arrive in Mandal at 12:50, our driver will pick you up by oxcart. The next day you will catch train from Mandal Station at 13:50 and arrive in UB at 16:50 in the afternoon.

Note: Please notify us your decision to go to the above place before one day. Please take your warm clothes and you have to ready at 9:30 am. in the morning with your passport or passport copy.There is a train to Mandal everyday.


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Tour cost:

1 person: USD 135

2 person: USD 180 (each 90$)

3 person: USD 240 (each 80$)

4 person: USD 280 (each 70$)

One more night in Mandal: USD 40 each person. The prices could be changed in next summer.

The price includes: 
Railway tickets
Transfer to/from a nomadic family
Horseback riding for 2 hours
Sleeping in a ger
Three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)