Khuvsgul Lake Tour

This huge deep lake is situated on the north edge of Mongolia, and it covers an area of 2612 square kilometers. It is a large lake , extending 134 km north- south and 39 km east- west. It attains an altitude of 1624 meters above sea level, just west of the National boundary. Khovsgol Lake is the deepest lake in Central Asia, with a maximum depth of 262 meters. Its water is crystal clear and fresh. The reflections of larch forests and majestic mountains in the lake water are amazing. Living in the National Park are members of the Khalkh, Buriad and Darkhat ethic groups, and in the taiga forest and forest- steppe live the Tsaatan Reindeer herders. These people use reindeers for transporting supplies, riding and milking have done so for centuries. We take fishing, riding, hiking trips to Khuvsgul and allow travelers to enjoy the tranquil nature and meet the local people.

Khuvsgul Lake Tour 
Region: Central and North Mongolia
Interesting sites:  Kharkhorun city and Erdene-Zuu Monastery , Khuvsgul Lake
Length of tour: 9 nights / 10 days
Distance: about 1900km

  • Day 1. Start trip  at  9:00 in the morning. Trip to the Elsen-Tasarkhai. Overnight  at ger guesthouse.
  • Day 2. Head  to  KharKhorin - the ancient  capital of the Mongolian Empire in the 13th Century and visit Erdene – Zuu Monastery.The Monastery  was built  on the ruins of the KharKhorin in 1586, the first Buddhist center in Mongolia.The temples contain a valuable collection of Buddhist sculptures, artwork and books.
    Continue driving to the   “Tsenher” hot spring. Overnight at ger guesthouse.
  • Day 3. Drive to “ Terkhiin Tsagaan”  lake and Khorgo mountain dead volcano via “Taikhar rock”  and Tsetserleg town. Overnight in  traditional Mongolian ger guesthouse.
  • Day 4. Come to Shine Ider small town.Overnight at ger guesthouse or in tents.
  • Day 5. Continue trip to Moron city. Overnight at ger guesthouse or in tents.
  • Day 6-7. Drive to Khuvsgul lake via Khatgal sum. Overnight at ger guesthouse or in tents near the Lake. Possible for 2days horse  back riding here.
  • Day 8. Drive to Uran Mountain. Overnight at  ger guesthouse.
  • Day 9. Drive to Amarbayasgalant Monastery via Bulgan and Erdenet cities. Overnight at ger guesthouse or in tents.
  • Day 10. Drive  to UB and arrive in the  evening.Overnight at LG guesthouse.
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Tour cost:

  • 2 people - US $1900 ( each $950 )
  • 3 people - US $2640 ( each $880 )
  • 4 people - US $3120 ( each $780 )
  • 5 people - US $3400 ( each $680 )
  • 6 people - US $3600 ( each $600 )

Services included in the cost:

  • Shared accommodation in Ger guesthouse or in tents
  • All meals during the trip
  • Car with driver and petrol
  • English speaking guide
  • All entrance fees

 Services NOT included in the cost:

  • Optional activity costs
  • Horse and camel riding
  • Travel insurance
  • Room prices at LG Hostel